National Police check to be Employment ready in Australia

National Police check to be Employment ready in Australia

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) set a vision to protect the community by making it a safer place which is capable of quick response to crimes.

To make the vision into practice, ACIC is closely working with Australian Police by delivering National Police check service. To lodge the check of the applicants, ACIC accredits some websites.

But there were challenges. Previously Police check for Australia used to get done manually. In the manual process, there were dependencies on paper-forms which reflected on the delivery of the certificate.

National Police Check Australia for Employment and Volunteer

Why obtaining a National Police check is on-demand? Because it will double the chance of your hiring. How? Because it will show your professional approach and create a positive impact on the employer.

KONCHECK is a 100% online portal to lodge your police check for nsw. It is accredited by ACIC and pocket-friendly. It offers fast turn-around time. Your confidential data is secure. Lodge your police check from anywhere.

KONCHECK offers a smarter way of check. Select your check type and click apply now. Make a secure payment, complete the online form, upload documents and receive your Nationally Coordinated Criminal History check certificate.

For any information, do not hesitate to contact KONCHECK support team. Sign up to know more.

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