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The ultimate holiday experience is relaxing within the cosy confines of a romantic European village. Most are treasures tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Now Travel Center UK is offering you the chance to enjoy a relaxing holiday in one of these charming European villages.

Smiling locals, authentic national dishes and breath-taking scenery await the discerning traveller. Check out our infographics for a taste of culture ranging across the hills of Austria to the glistening lakes of Norway. The choice is yours, read on and discover.

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1.     Hallstatt-Austria

Gorgeous scenery awaits you at this village snugly placed between the Hallstatter Lake and mountain. Hallstatt comprises of ivy covered houses and has a rich and prosperous history of salt mining.

2.     Manarola-Italy

Authentic Italian hospitality awaits you here. Located in the province of La Spezia, Italy, Manarola is one of the infamous Cinque Terre towns tourists love coming back to.

3.     Bibury-England

Located in beautiful Cotswold region, South England, Bibury promises typically beautiful English countryside’s. Enjoy trout fishing at the River Coln or lazy walks through the scenic streets lined with stone cottages.

4.     Colmar-France

The aroma of freshly baked croissants fills your senses as you stroll through the streets of Colmar.  German Gothic and French Neo-Baroque architecture will impress you while local restaurants specialise in Foie Gras and Sauerkraut.

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5.     Reine-Norway

Reine is a scenic little fishing village. Bright red fishermen cottages have been converted into tourist houses giving one great views of the Norwegian Sea, mountains and Northern lights.

6.     Cong-Ireland

Beautiful Cong village is found close to the Lake region of Galway. Breath-taking scenery, grand castles and ruins of an Abbey add to the medieval atmosphere.

7.     Gruyeres-Switzerland

Infamous for the self-named cheese this beautiful village is a Medieval Hamlet located in a valley of the Saane River. Explore 13th century castles and treks along the Alpine foothills.

Already falling in love? Simply check out our destination guide, you and your family will soon be relaxing within the cosy confines of any one of these European villages.

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Cheap flights and great travel plans will soon have you flying off in comfort to enjoy the traditions and cultures within the confines of these charming little villages.

Start making memories to last a life-time as you relax and enjoy the countryside!