Dumbo moving and storage has provided details related to moving tendencies in the past 6 months. Having examined information based on the moves they were hired for, we were able to establish some most common moving trends in NYC. We tried to respond to 2 questions – Where are New Yorkers moving to and where are they moving from. Moving-to and moving-from lists have a few locations in common, so the most popular area New Yorkers are moving to and moving from is Northwest Brooklyn, followed by Murray Hill and Chelsea and Clinton. Forth location that New Yorkers choose for living is Greenpoint. Prospect Heights are their fifth option. Upper East Side and Upper West Side are not that popular like they used to be, so those are the most frequent areas New Yorkers are leaving.

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As a result, we can draw the conclusion that people are no longer so much attracted by upper Manhattan. Modern generations rather opt for Brooklyn or Lower Manhattan.The young are especially interested in: Murray Hill, Prospect Heights, East Williamsburg.

However, those results are not reflecting general moving situation in NYC. They are based on the experience of one moving company. Maybe companies with the headquarters in some other borough have different experiences depending on their customer’s needs and requests.

Where The People Move In NYC