If you are to embrace sustainability and crafting to save the environment the first resource is already at your grasp : glass bottles. Immense resources are being invested into the making of glass bottles worldwide and every day, thousands are discarded like simple trash regardless of their immense value, collected out of energy infused and graphic aesthetic values. We have constructed a very valuable DIY tutorial on how to cut glass bottles as safe as possible and as accessible as possible and you can find it down below.

The most common resource for this craft are wine bottle crafts, thanks to heir subtle, elegant silhouettes. Basically, if you learn how to cut wine bottles, you have it all, you are ready to conquer the world; you can craft your own serving plates, your glasses, centerpieces, wind-chimes, whatever you like and dream of. Cast a glance at the gallery below.

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Simply Stunning Tutorial on How to Cut Glass Bottles and Realize DIY Bottle Crafts
Infographic by 44 Simple DIY Wine Bottles Crafts And Ideas