Road Trips: Is it Better to Rent a Car or Drive Your Own?

Air travel seems to be getting more expensive all the time, especially for those with large families. According to the U.S. Travel Association, nearly 80% of leisure trips in America in 2012 were taken by car – not plane. That leaves people with the very real question: should I rent a car for my trip or just drive my own? There are a lot of factors for travelers to consider, including whether they have an older vehicle with high gas mileage, whether they currently lease or own a vehicle, or whether their own car is reliable. In addition, there’s the length of their trip and their budget to take into account. Toyota Rent a Car’s infographic provides travelers with an easy-to-use flowchart to figure out – based on these factors – the best solution for their upcoming car travel plans.

Road Trip Infographic by Toyota Rent a Car

Author: epicaautomotive

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