STEP 1 PLAN – this is the most difficult part- How to jump in ? Make sure that the top managment understands all the three types of costs associated with SA 8000. The top managment has to commit to long term impact of this social commitment to society at large and their own organization as the catalyst .

 STEP 2 BUILD YOUR SOCIAL SYSTEM –   In this step you make procedurs and policies . Be sure to refer to the resources already published by SAI – SA 8000 implementation guideline and Perfromance Indicator Annexure- These two documents are very good resource and will help you in implementing SA 8000 properly.

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STEP3 GET THE AUDIT DONE: This is the most important steps . Get the Certification Body to do the audit. The output of a audit is observation and non conformities – Respond to all observation and non conformities involving all Social perfromance Team .

SA 8000 Certificate Roadmap

Source: SA 8000 Certificate