Send high priority SMS alerts to your mobile app users with text notifications. All mobile app owners can now send system alerts by integrating their applications with an SMS API. Integrating your devices, applications or CRM will support both automated and manual customized text notifications or alerts. The practice of integrating devices or applications can streamline cross-platform interaction for all sized businesses. Most of the leading industries have configured their applications beforehand, especially for sending OTPs, appointment reminders, system alerts, and banking/financial service notifications. On that account, mobile app owners can also maximize text messaging for promotional activities, sending new offers, upgrade notifications and sign up verification.

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sms api

Currently, most app owners are capitalizing on text message notifications, simply by integrating their apps with the mobile application SMS API. TheTexting’s SMS API allows applications to send & receive text notifications in high volume. Significantly, mobile application owners can also increase the security level of their applications through text message notifications/alerts.