Subway Surfer Smartphone Game Review Infographics

iPhone brainy has started the new approach of element for app review were Information graphics or info graphics. Since almost 70% of people are visual learners! We have introduced the new way of mobile application reviews into image content by Infographics manner. It is first times in mobile world we have introduce this type of Infographics technique, and we would like to continue this type of promotion to all over Apps + Games review in to Infographics method.

We have converted the subway surfer game as image presentation. Subway Surfers is also one of the familiar games similar to Temple Run Game.

The role of Jake was painting on the trains. He was immediately spotted by a cartoon police and he needs to run from the Inspector and his dog. The inspector will chase over trains and it is exciting to run between train is exciting to collect coins and power-ups. The coins can be purchased in-game store which gives you various power-ups and to unlock other characters.

We have tried this game overall info as a image content titled “Subway Surfers Smartphone Game Review Infographics” which is about all gaming content, procedure, play controls, theme, shops, app store info, user rating, pros, cons, brainy Team (Android, iPhone, Windows) rating, And this game has various features of gaming UI they all were created in info graphics method.

Hope smart phone apps lovers will enjoy this way of reviews!

Subway Surfer Smartphone Game Review Infographics
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