The Wolf of Wall Street, released on Christmas day and starring none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, is one hell of a look at Jordan Belfort’s experiences in the stock trading field. Belfort, who’s now a motivational speaker, was once a stockbroker living the high life (literally and figuratively) by manipulating the stock market and taking advantage of investors. Belfort’s stock swindling eventually landed him in federal prison for 22 months.

The film is no doubt an entertaining wild ride and a well-made one at that–it received 5 Academy Award nominations including “Best Picture” and “Best Director.” But I wanted to find out just how much of the story is true. Was Danny Porush actually married to his cousin? Did Belfort only swindle the rich? Were the office parties really as outrageous as they’re depicted? To find out the truth about these and many other aspects of the film, enjoy my infographic.

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Most importantly, I want people to know that this is not a representation of what penny stock trading is really like. If you’re interested in penny stock trading and want to learn how to increase your wealth–without all of the debauchery and prison time–check out my website or contact me. I teach people the most effective (and ethical) penny stock trading strategies and show them the right way to make an excellent profit.
Infographic by: Fous Alerts