As human beings, we end up using or consuming a lot of things, and as a result, waste gets generated every time. But the question is; where does the trash end up once we are done with it? Most of it ends up in dustbins, without being sorted out. This has a lot of adverse effects to the environment and for future generations too. Countries end up wasting a lot of resources getting rid of this trash. In addition, a lot of materials end up being wasted when they could have been used for another purpose.

Things like plastic bottles can be utilized for other purposes around the house. Magazines shouldn’t end up in the trash can immediately we are done with them. They can always be used for other purposes, for example, for making earrings and necklaces. When it comes to food, we can always serve portions which we are sure to finish including when we eat out. This way, less food goes to waste. It goes without saying, if whatever we intend to throw in the trash is damaged beyond repair or soiled, then it ends up in the trash can.

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The 3 ‘R’s that guide us in waste management should enable us to choose how to categorize our trash. The first R is for ‘reduce’ it means that we shouldn’t waste anything. The second R is for ‘Reuse’, meaning that we can always reuse what is not damaged, for instance, we can buy reusable bags for shopping instead of using paper. The 3rd R is for ‘recycle’ and recyclable materials are always marked with a recycle sign on the label. We should drop the recyclable in designated areas and avoid mixing them up with other trash. Items that can be recycled include glass bottles, bottle tops, metal cans, among others.

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Taking Care of Our Environment

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