With Britain opting out of the Union, the question of data security regulation is creating a pandemonium as to how the state will respond to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The point of this issue, data protection regulation, is the point of departure of the report from ABI Research and the International Telecommunication Union.

In 2015, hundreds of countries were ranked according to cybersecurity preparedness. In the Global Cybersecurity Index report one thing stood out: cybersecurity receives a dearth of attention from national government, way less than what it needs to have.

No wonder, in recent months we’ve witnessed a number of data security problems that different countries struggled with: Commission on Election website in the Pilippines was hacked; Bangladesh Bank lost $81 million from hacks; and decade worth of data from the US Air Force was lost—albeit recovered.

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Here’s an infographic by Turrem Data, a UK-based data protection provider, that takes  a look at how different nation states are performing on protecting their government and citizens from cyber-attacks and data breaches. This is both a warning and a challenge for the international community.

Turrem Data