Every bride knows that one of the most exciting parts of preparing for a wedding is picking the perfect hairstyle. It has to match your dress, the theme, and you! Maybe you’ve dreamt of a romantic messy bun and flower crown to go with your lace dress, or an elegant braid to complement your mermaid gown, or maybe voluminous curls as a good match to your princess-style ball gown, complete with a tiara.

There are hundreds of dreamy bridal hairstyles out there that you could try. But what if the hairstyle you want for your wedding day just isn’t possible? Maybe your hair is too short to make it into a pretty braid, or you recently had a less-than-flattering haircut, or your hair lacks thickness and volume.

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What if I told you that there’s one quick fix for all that?

It’s halo hair extensions! This colourful infographic can show you gorgeous bridal hairstyles that you can recreate with these affordable and flexible hair extensions, whether you’re dreaming of simple soft curls or flower-adorned, textured braids.

So, bride-to-be, get ready to be inspired by these 10 dreamy hairstyles that will surely make you glow on your special day.

trending bridal hairstyles with halo hair extensions