Until 1980s, asbestos has been used as a reliable construction product because of its strength, flexibility, and insulation qualities. But when a number of diseases linking to asbestos emerged, this mineral was banned from being used to build houses and buildings. Today, many homes are still contaminated by asbestos, and with the serious risk that it poses, it’s a must that these homes undergo testing and avail asbestos removal service.

If your home is tainted with asbestos, it’s important to have all the asbestos lurking in your house eliminated. This mineral poses a threat to the respiratory health of people who are constantly  exposed to it. However, remember that you cannot do the asbestos removal yourself. Once disturbed, the fibers of asbestos can scatter in the air and everyone can inhale it. It’s important to rely this work to a licensed asbestos removalist who knows how to remove asbestos safely

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There are two types of asbestos removalists: A-Class and B-Class. They are different when it comes to the scope of work, but both are qualified to perform asbestos removal. These types of asbestos removalists are also well-trained and equipped with machines.

Wondering who to choose between these two types of professional asbestos removalists? Here’s an infographic that provides you all the facts and information you need about them, brought to you by AWARE, an Asbestos Removal company in Melbourne.

What are the Types of Asbestos Removalists?