Raccoon babies stay in the nest for up to 12 weeks before they can roam around. During this time, the mother will go out to forage for food to help produce milk. The babies will be completely dependent at 8 to 12 months. 

What To Do If You Found A Baby Raccoon
Infographic source: Raccoon Control
What do baby raccoons eat?

After birth, baby raccoons only feed on their mother’s milk for six weeks. As they grow, they begin to learn how to look for food from their mom. They are introduced to Fish, frogs, berries, insects, and nuts.

In case you bump into an abandoned baby raccoon, you will need to check its well-being.

Find out if:
  • The baby is cold
  • Is it hurt/ broken limbs?
  • Have you spotted the dead mother?
  • Is the coat patchy or matted?
  • Does the baby have abrasions?
  • Is its head tilted?
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What to do

Secure the baby raccoon in a warm, dark, cardboard box. Place a towel or t-shirt to prevent cold. Contact a wildlife rehabilitator immediately. 

Reuniting baby and mother raccoon

Place the box where you spotted the raccoon. Leave the baby out for an entire night. Raccoons are nocturnal; the mother will come looking for the baby. Refresh heat source when needed. In case you left the baby for a whole night with no sign of the mother, contact a wildlife rehabilitator for advice, the baby is probably orphaned.