announces publication of its most recently generated research report titled, “Global Oxygen-free High Thermal Conductivity (OFHC) Copper Market by Shape Type (Bar, Pipe, Plates, Other Types), By Application (Automotive, Electronics, Industrial, Other Applications), and by Region – Global Forecast to 2028.”, Which offers a holistic view of the global oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper market through systematic segmentation that covers every aspect of the target market.

Workable Strategies for Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity (Ofhc) Copper Market Is Projected To Reach USD 26,040.5 Mn In 2029

The global oxygen-free high thermal conductivity (OFHC) copper market is projected to be US$ 16,210.1 Mn in 2018 to reach US$ 26,040.5 Mn by 2028 at a CAGR of 4.9%.

Most of the high conductivity copper grades contain some amount of oxygen as a result of the refining process, associated with copper extraction and purification. But there are a few applications that require high conductivity copper with the lowest levels of oxygen; this type of copper is known as oxygen-free high conductivity copper (OFHC).

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Basically, there are two types of oxygen-free high conductivity copper available. One with a purity level of 99.95%, which is known as Cu-OF and the other one with a purity level of 99.99%, which is known as Cu-OFE (oxygen-free electronic). The higher purity Cu-OFE (oxygen-free electronic) contains 99.99% copper with silver removed, and oxygen up to 0.0005%.

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The report provides useful insights into a wide range of business aspects such as pillars, features, sales strategies, planning models, in order to enable readers to gauge market scope more proficiently.