Alan Partridge isn’t one for scrimping on his desires. The personality once bought  a house before being offered his second BBC series, and when he was going to have to downsize his car to a Mini Metro, he decided to fire all the staff at Pear Tree Productions instead!

But in this new age of pension freedoms, income drawdown and annuity rate decline, how would one of Britain’s best loved comedy characters be coping in retirement?

My Retirement Options have used real cost-of-living analysis to figure out just what Alan’s lifestyle would be costing him once he finally retired. Although, knowing Alan’s need to be in the public eye – or ear – I’m sure he wouldn’t have been giving up the 3rd best slot on Radio Norwich in a hurry…

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Sitcom Stars in Retirement: Alan partridge - An Infographic from My Retirement Options

Created by My Retirement Options