Are We Driving Our Kids To Drugs?

A life like you are an undergrad at university. In your final year, going to lectures, seminars, studying for exams and researching your dissertation. The standard is high. You’re also on the swimming team, rugby team and Vice President of the Scientific Society. On top of this, you are also an intern at a multinational company, work part-time to pay your rent and occasionally, you like to get some sleep. This is the life that most university students are facing. Students’ lives are demanding. They need less sleep and more time. Kids are slowly gyrating towards performance enhancing drugs called ‘smart drugs’ that are actually making an addict out of them. To learn more about Smart Drugs, and to decide for yourself what their growing popularity says about our culture, have a look at this infographic:

Are we Driving our Kids to Drugs – An infographic by the team at Ivory Research

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