Is Your Kid Having a Cell Phone? (Infographic)

Cell phone is the most convenient way to communicate between parents and kids. It makes it easy for them to reach their kids no matter where they are and to know what they are doing. Kids like this device and... Read more

Awesome Facts People Should Know About Vampires and Zombies (Infographic)

The popularity of zombies and vampires are relentless. These dark creatures give us the chills in our nerves because of the psychological impact we experience about  fear and helplessness as to how we can avoid, face or even to stop... Read more

Different Types of Kids Play (Infographic)

Little ones today play most likely the same way kids of the old days. They love role playing game, dress up as fairy tale characters or robots. They also like the make-up conversation with their toys like barbies, animals in... Read more

8 Social Media Rules Kids Should Follow (Infographic)

As responsible parents, it is very essential to be knowledgeable of how your kids using any social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook. Little do we know that even a kid young for an account, they are aware what it... Read more

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