Healthy Body, Healthy Mind – The Benefits of Physical Activity in School (Infographic)

Cutting PE out of schools is backfiring in a big way, contributing to our rampant childhood obesity epidemic and actually hindering students from top success in academic classes like science, math, and English.

Children should get about an hour of physical activity per day, something that’s vital to their growing bones, joints, fascia, and muscles. But more and more children are spending less time in PE class and outside playing and more time planted in their seats. This doesn’t just present immediate problems to the kids suffering from being overweight or obese; it poses dangerous long-term problems to their health and the progress of our nation too.

SPARK has been dedicated to being an advocate for PE and the fight against childhood obesity since 1989 by providing PE lesson plans, PE resources for teachers, and even a PE grant finder tool. Our infographic below examines why PE is so important, outlining current stats on PE and childhood obesity and the benefits of keeping PE in school.

Will you be an advocate for the health of your children, community, and nation? Join SPARK in the fight against childhood obesity by enjoying and sharing the infographic below.

Infographic by: SPARK

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