A bridal dress is a most luxurious and probably the most memorable dress in life of every girl who is getting married. It also remains one of the most cherished assets in her wardrobe and is passed on to next generation. The dress may be only worn once, but is retained for years and years. Women keep it tidy and clean in order to keep this dress for years.

Usually, wedding dresses get stained the very first day. These stains can be of different types, where most common are wine, grass, and dirt. Wedding dress cleaning can be a headache at home hence it’s recommended that you use your local dry cleaner to get your wedding dress cleaned. But if you still want to clean at home, use our Pride DIY guide to remove stains and keep it in a good condition at home. This guide will give you everything you need to know about cleaning wedding dress at home.

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How to Clean Your Wedding Dress at Home