Longest Rivers In The World

Longest Rivers In The World – An infographic by the team at Travel Agents in London UK

Rivers are one of the most fascinating and beautiful natural wonders on Earth. As such, if you are a nature lover and fancy fresh water flows then definitely visits to the most amazing rivers in the world should be on your itinerary. Scroll through the attractive infographic for a quick glimpse of the ten longest rivers in the world. You will find rivers of different structure and beauty, each passing through various countries, cities and towns. The presence of these beautiful rivers makes every destination special with its never-ending water flow.

River Nile definitely stands to be the world’s longest river. Being over 6,650 km in length, this beautiful river stretches itself through several countries in Africa and flows out to the Mediterranean Sea. River Nile is also regarded as an International River as it flows through numerous countries including Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania, Kenya, Egypt, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.

Yet another popular river is the Amazon which is considered to be the second longest in the world. However, the Amazon basin is said to be the largest in the world with an average water discharge of 219,000m3/s.  Being around 6,400 km in length, the Amazon River stretches itself through several parts of South America and flows out to the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, the Amazon rainforest along with the river basin is home for numerous diverse species that includes about 2,100 species of fish in the basin itself. This is why Amazon River stands to be unique and the most popular river in the world.

Third on the list is the Yangtze River which is over 6,300 km long. This spectacular river also known as the Chang Jiang flows through various parts of China and falls right into the East China Sea. It also counts to be one of the most important rivers considering history, culture and economy along with the Yellow River. The Yellow River, also known as Huang He makes it to the top ten longest rivers in the world. It empties into the Bohai Sea, after passing through various parts of China. Scroll through the inforgraphic to broaden your knowledge on the other longest rivers in the world, which includes Mississippi River, Yenisei River, River Ob, River Parana, River Congo and River Amur.


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