A data center is a facility that manages the entire IT operations of an organization. It consists of networked computers and a storage used to manage and disseminate large volumes of data. This nature makes a data center important to ensure the continuity of a smooth workflow and operations. It’s no wonder a business relies heavily on its services and that its security is among their top priority.

These unique properties make a data center appear complicated. However, running a data center doesn’t actually need to be hard — and a white paper, recently published by Schneider Electric proves that.

This study explains in detail the lifecycle of a data center, with an aim to help businesses understand the factors that will determine the smooth operation of a data center. In this infographic, INOC, a global leader in the NOC services industry, visualizes the stages involved in a data center lifecycle, along with the drawbacks that may arise in the process.

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Life Cycle of a Data Center