Nuclear Weapons 101

  1. The MANHATTAN PROJET was responsible for the development of the FIRST atomic bomb.
  2. Adjusted for inflation, the cost of the first atomic bomb.
  3. There are two basic types of nuclear weapons.
  4. IVY MYKE, an early Hydrogen test bomb, wiped the island of ELUGELAB off the face of the Earth in 1952.
  5. Total number of nuclear tests.
  6. Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
  7. America’s largest test bomb was “Bravo”, a 15 MEGATON bomb.
  8. America has built 67,500 nuclear missiles since 1951.
  9. The world’s nuclear weapon reserves.
  10. US nuclear weapons facilities occupy 15,654 square miles of land.
  11. Number of US nuclear bombs lost and not recovered.

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