Secret motivational cycle to achieve ANYTHING

Ever wondered why more than 90% of the people fail to achieve their dream?

Do they lack skill? Lack knowledge? Or just don’t give enough time and effort to achieve it?

Sure this are few of the reason responsible for failure, but not that’s not all.

In contrast, this amount to only a small portion of it. I have came across people who have high skill set, extensive knowledge and are very determine to work, but then also they fail.

So, what’s the missing element that separates successful people from the one who fails?

Is it successful people just can’t fail or are they gifted?

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Absolutely Not!

Actually they are the ones who have seen more failure than anyone else, confused? Yes, you read that right. Take out a story of any successful people and if you observe a trend in it you will notice, they have seen number of failures, a LOT more. But, they never ever gave up and eventually made their way to success.

This is known as law of averages, keep trying, give your best in whatever you do, if it works than good and even if doesn’t you should tweak your path and not destiny and again work on it again. Repeat the cycle and you will see success.

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Reading this is easy but in practice it gets difficult, as most of us will fall back at the first sign on failure assuring ourselves this is not meant for them.

So, how to bring this in practice and get insane motivation to achieve it? Well, all successful people have their secret recipe, but the essence of all recipe is more or less the same to keep our mind strong and motivated and below tips will help you practice the same.

Motivational cycle to keep yourself motivated
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