In 2010, Americans purchased 71.7 million new laptop and desktop computers.

That same year, U.S. consumers disposed of 423,000 tons of computers.

Only 40% of those computers were actually recycled and the rest ended up in landfills.Selling or donating used IT equipment is a great way to give back to the community and appropriately manage materials that can be otherwise harmful to the health of humans. Many people do not think to sell or donate electronics because they aren’t sure where to start. Recycling electronic waste is more difficult because it’s harder to transport than plastics and glass and not every recycling center accepts used IT equipment. Donating or selling used IT equipment is best way to go because it gives outdated equipment new life by reusing parts and materials that can be refurbished. Check out this infographic on used IT equipment and sell or donate today!

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  Used IT Equipment