Although the term “sci-fi” wasn’t coined until 1954, the concept of science fiction has existed ever since humans gazed up at the stars and wondered at the many possibilities. Countless books, TV shows, and movies have presented new, exciting visions of a life filled with aliens, space travel, and futuristic technology. But the growth of our actual technology blurs the line between fiction and reality.

AV Concepts has played its part in that with all kinds of new AV solutions and technologies, including 3D projection mapping and holographic projection. As the years go by, technology grows and science strives to improve and innovate our everyday lives. Maybe someday our lives will look like the set of a futuristic sci-fi movie.

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Until then, take a look at our infographic below for an entertaining look at some current tech that originally appeared in classic films, as well as some futurist technology that is on the horizon.

The Future is Now Infographic
 Infographic by: AV Concepts