There are number of cars offered in the market that are called open top or convertibles, out of which many cars have clothed upholstery and some have hard top to convert into a different looking car.

We have compiled a list of ten best convertibles, not according to their tops but according to their engine powers. Several other features are also considered in order to make a list, but all are directly associated with the engine power.

Some of them work to control the power; some of them work to let the power passed through them, such as gearbox helps in shifting the power over the wheels and braking system helps the vehicle to stop it.

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Cruise control system helps and assists the driver to keep the vehicle balanced when engines are injecting hundreds of horsepower to the wheels. Fuel economy has also been considered but as a secondary factor as there are several vehicles which have other specialties rather than the fuel economy.

For example, the Lamborghini Huracan doesn’t return top fuel economy figures but due to its bull power, it is sitting at the top of the list. Let’s dive into the data and see if your favourite convertible has any position in our list of top 10 with most powerful engines.

Infographic source: idealengines