Subaru is a Japanese automaker which famous for it’s horizontally placed engines which are commonly known as the boxer engines or flat engines. These engines are the most balanced power units across the globe. Subaru manufactures practical and best to drive cars which have all wheel drive powertrains and the best engines. Almost every boxer engine has turbochargers in them to facilitate the powerful hauling and become an ultimate family vehicle. In early 1950s, a number of Japanese companies merged into a big industry called Fuji heavy Industries Ltd and they engaged into number of heavy engineering works from the start including shipping. The automotive division of the heavy industries was named as Subaru, the meaning of Subaru in Japanese is ‘Unite’. Its logo also indicates the unity with number of small stars led by a big star. The first ever Subaru car was rolled of the assembly line in 1954 and it was powered by a four cylinder Subaru engine, named as the P1.

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Top 5 Subarus Of All Times

Infographic source: subaruenginesandgearboxes