Types of Technology Consultancy Services


Contract Management Software & Platforms implemented quickly, efficiently and on a cost-effective and managed basis.

Collins Technology Consulting has a long and proud history of helping contract management professionals from a range of industries. We work, primarily, with medium to large companies and organisations and have many high profile and prestigious clients.


CORPORATE – many of our clients are in the corporate sector, whether they be focused on retail, manufacturing or the travel, hospitality or support services industries. What they all have in common is an absolute need for efficiency when it comes to technology. Collins Technology Consulting can assess your business needs and design and implement a contracts management system that is right for you. Whether you have hundreds or even thousands of outside suppliers or contractors, you want to make sure that negotiation, sourcing, payments, auditing and updating your processes is straightforward and easy to manage.

GOVERNMENT – most government agencies, such as the NHS or education departments, have hundreds of contract arrangements with outside vendors and other organisations. A mistake in supply chains or overpayment or missed deadlines – due to a system that isn’t designed for what it needs to be – can be costly, inefficient and stressful.

NON-PROFIT ORGANISATIONS – Such organisations are under pressure to satisfy many interests so “getting it right” when it comes to technology is increasingly important. Collins Technology Consulting can assess your organisation’s goals to ensure transparency, efficiency and compliance when working with other vendors and contractors.

  • Don’t lose out on crucial funding because you’ve missed a grant deadline or have failed to have a particular set of reports ready?
  • Make sure you’re getting value-for-money when procuring services

GETTING CONTROL OF YOUR CONTRACTS – Collins Technology Consulting can help YOU to keep ahead of your obligations:

  • Contract management
  • Activity audits & reporting
  • Custom alerts on milestone dates
  • Managing contract negotiations
  • Regulatory compliance management
  • Streamlined document management
  • Vendor management
  • Custom/automated reporting


  • GDPR Certified Practitioner
  • Prince 2 Certified Practitioner
  • ITIL Foundation
  • Certified Agiloft Administrator
  • Configuration Management

Types of Technology Consultancy Services

Types of Technology Consultancy Services

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