Ultimate Guide to Colour Psychology

Colour theory and Color Psychology are something which plays a vital role in content marketing. Here, in this visual, there is a complete guide to help you understand how colours impact your psychology by A1 Quality Packaging. You can boost your brand’s image by choosing an appropriate packaging colour. Colour has psychological inference. Colour is evocative. Here in this Infographic, you can figure out the right choice for your packaging colours.

While it may be enticing to pick your favourite colour, for your business, you need to be extra heedful consider the colour you pick for your brand. Colour is significantly one of the effective visible features of your brand. Unique brand identity will draw more customers. You have to build the reputation of your brand in the first place. Colour influence whether a customer will be inclined towards buying your product.

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Certain colour conveys a specific message to customers. Orange is used to communicate playfulness and create a call to action. Colour yellow signifies fun and happiness.

A Green colour conveys eco-consciousness Blue is the much-preferred colour choice for a brand. Purple exhibits creative types. Colour brown add warmth to colour scheme.

Brown is the standard colour chosen for strong cardboard boxes Black is used to displaying brand’s authority in the market whereas white expresses simplicity in high-tech products and also used for low-fat foods. Pick the colour that will evoke the noticeability and engagement.

To decide on the colour of your cardboard removal boxes. Think about your clients and what message your product is trying to convey. Being well versed with colour therapy you can make the right choice regarding the packaging design of your product.

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Research shows that 85% of the clients ascribe colour as a prominent reason for purchasing. Indeed, the significance of colour therapy cannot be overlooked.


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