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Are people in Australia being encouraged to invest sustainably?

The Schroders Global Investment Study (GIS) 2019 interviewed to over 25,000 people, from 32 locations around the world, about their attitudes towards sustainable investing.

Concerns over sustainability are growing; from tackling climate change, to social, health and technological progress. Sustainable investment funds can be a way to combine profit with positive impact.

Are people in Australia being encouraged to invest sustainably?
Source: Schroders

Sustainability factors are a key consideration for people in Australia when selecting investments.

  • 64% believe that all investment funds should consider sustainability factors.
  • 62% believe that individual investors can significantly contribute to a more sustainable world by choosing sustainable investment products.
  • 53% consider sustainability factors when selecting an investment product.

Although most people in Australia believe that climate change is having, or will have, some impact on their investments, sustainable factors were often deemed less important than financial motivations when considering investments.

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Here are the 5 most important factors to people:
1) Avoiding losing money.
2) Meeting their total investment return expectations.
3) Generating their expected level of income.
4) The fees are reasonable.
5) Their money is invested in sustainable investments.

Here are shown the factors that people think would be highly likely to encourage them to allocate more of their investment portfolio into sustainable investment funds.

Finally, it is revealed that people who claim to have higher levels of investment knowledge seem more inclined to invest in sustainable funds.


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