Yes it’s true, BMW 3 series is a legendary family of BMW cars that combines a fun of driving and practicality at the same time. It is not a range of models based on several cars but it has a big range of different type of cars in the 3 series. There are saloons, touring cars, Gran Turismo and convertibles make the 3 series but the i-performance and hybrid models actually complete the 3 series. If we talk about the hybrid models, BMW 330e i-Performance saloons are the first ever BMW’s that get the eDrive technology to enhance the driving pleasure.

When M Performance comes into action in the 3 series, it ultimately delivers the genuine high performance and convert the 3 series into ragging monsters with its M Performance engines where every engine delivers minimum of 431 horsepower. The code name of the 2018 BMW 3 Series has also been unveiled, the G20 aims to overtake the current market leaders like the Mercedes C Class and all new Jaguar XE.

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Infographic source: BMW 3 Series Infographic