Latest IT trends don’t only mean the area of evolution in the network and communication but it also includes the feed revolution in the app development industry. As the year 2019 standing in the middle of the calendar that’s why now we can easily guessing about the technologies trends in this year. The 5G network is still a dream for most countries but we can say that 2019 is a year for emerging technology. Mobile app development and web development are the main areas of IT that grew rapidly. This year is also a growing year for app development because there few new technologies take place into the action. Here we are explaining the top 4 latest technologies in the app development 2019 with some interesting examples.

Latest IT Trends: Top 4 Latest Technologies In The App Development 2019

Top 4 Latest Technologies In The App Development 2019

Artificial Intelligence:

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and it is one of kind machine language that makes easier communication with the Human and the machine. Example: AI Chatbots, Google G-suite, Siri, Alexa, Corona, and Google Assistant.

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Block Chain & Internet Of Thing:

Internet of Things and Blockchain are revolutionary growing for better app development. With using both technology app development can be more interesting. Example: Mobile payments apps, Ads platform.

Enterprise Mobility Solution:

Enterprise industry always demands the best tools that can easily manage or organise their task. 2019 will be a year that surely a maturity stage for the enterprise mobility solution. Example: App for report system, enterprise software for the marketplace.

Argument & Virtual Reality:

AR & VR are the boomings from the last few years and as of now. Virtual reality brings the gaming and entertainment industries to a higher level. AR & VR is a future of gaming apps. Example: Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard.

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