There’s no more luxurious way to end your day than retiring into a cozy and plush bed. Fluffy sheets, downy pillows and thick throws – these are easily the things that make sleep very rewarding after a long day of work.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your sanctuary, your options are endless and each are sure to be worth trying – you can spritz a spray or two of essential oils to your linen, de-clutter your room to free up space, update its entire look or even place indoor plants to induce sleep. But, one of the most instant solutions to this is by transforming your sloppy bed into a perfectly-layered one.

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To help you start with, Macey & Moore, a trusted name in pure linen bedspreads in Sydney, presents this Infographic that will guide you on how to make a perfectly layered bed the expert way.

Anatomy of a Bed: The Essentials for Making a Perfectly Layered Bed