“Congratulations, you got accepted!”

Pack my bags, mom, I’m starting a new adult independent life!

For most freshly accepted high school graduates, moving from home to dorm is the first experience of living on their own for an extended period of time. Living with parents is tough. Whatever comes next, it’s not gonna be trickier than getting home after curfew and avoiding punishment. Right?

Hard reality strikes back: some of the things taken for granted at home, will be much missed at a dorm or in a rented apartment. Like homemade meals, unlimited shower time and living with someone genuinely concerned about you – family.

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In the hard reality of the modern economy, COLLEGE equals ROOMMATE. A total stranger, a new planet. With any luck, the name of the planet won’t be “Hell”!

Be prepared, fellow reader! Omnipapers website set aside its work on reviews to help you manage your roommate situation.


Ten Types of College Roommates

Source Ten Types of College Roommates