Agile project management is becoming increasingly common whilst replacing traditional project methods.

Why are so many people using agile? We believe it is because of agile’s advantages in comparison to the traditional ways of finding a solution for projects.

Agile takes a different approach to the traditional project management and accepts that the requirements are likely to change. Therefore, agile focuses on delivering early.

Frequent delivery allows the customer to try the product and give feedback about how the team can improve it. This means the project focuses on the customer and enables the team to refine the deliverables, so they deliver exactly what the customer wants from the project.

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Prioritisation is key when it comes to using agile because it ensures that the focus is on what is most vital to the customer.

At the core of agile is the Agile Manifesto which discusses the 12 agile principles which. These are the foundation stones for everything which and agile team does on a project. They are really a mindset which doesn’t rely on complicated rules. For example, one of the principles is simplicity, and another is to make sure the project is customer focused.

If you and your team are starting to work in a more agile way, please see the infographic of the 12 Agile Principles. It will help to keep your team on track!

Agile Project Management – Going Back to Basics
Infographic by: Knowledge Train