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Top Casino Solutions is a B2B/B2C iGaming software information portal. We cover everything from white-label, turnkey, and self-service casino software solutions to betting platforms, game providers, and affiliate software reviews, events, and much more. TCS share this infographic (created by... Read more

¿Cómo Saber Si Una Máquina Tragaperras Va a Dar Premio?

Sabe mal pinchar el globo, pero lo cierto es que ya casi mejor que te olvides de adivinar. Vamos a explicarte cómo funcionan las tragaperras hoy, y lo entenderás enseguida. Read more

Looking for Allbet Casino Malaysia

The Allbet Casino Malaysia is a good choice, if you are looking for an online casino in Malaysia.  As mankind has developed and found out different types of sports and games for the purpose of entertainment, so has the need... Read more

Tonk Multiplayer – Online Rummy Card Game

Tonk – Tunk is the best online Rummy card game which you can play with friends. TONK is ONLINE RUMMY CARD GAME for free with your family, anytime, anywhere in the world. Tonk is a comparatively fast-paced game that can... Read more

Ultimate Online Slots Guide from Deluxe Casino Bonus

We at Deluxe Casino Bonus produced an Ultimate Online Slots Guide, discussing online slots in great detail. The infographic you see below was published along with the post and aims to explain the common terminology, different types of symbols, games... Read more

Is Kinguin Legit? 10 Things to Know Before Buying Online Game Keys

Kinguin is a popular option for many gamers when it comes to securing online game keys. But is Kinguin legit? Here’s everything you’ll need to know about Kinguin before making your online game key purchase! Source: Coupon Cause Read more

Cloud Computing in the Gaming Industry

Cloud computing’s contribution has changed the gaming industry for businesses and consumers alike. There are numerous advantages of cloud gaming such as reduced costs, access and compatibility, high security and more. The prevalence of cloud computing is only on the... Read more

Best Airsoft Rifle for Starters Infograph

This infograph was created to quickly give entry level players a comparison between the games top two selling Airsoft Rifles without having to surf a dozen sites to find their information. Infographic source: MYAPX Read more

Best Gaming Gloves

After 23 hours of research, we found 5 best gaming gloves for beginners and a pro gamer. In this list, we reviewed five best gaming mouse gloves which are chosen on quality, performance, comfort, and price based. Our youth like... Read more

45 Best PC Games of All Time

Right now, the amount of released games is insane which makes it hard to find something really worthwhile. That’s why we have prepared an infographic that features 45 best PC games of all time. Here you will find the masterpieces... Read more

Gamification in Learning

Did you know that 70% of memory is lost within the first 24hs? And 60% of learners would be more motivated if they had scores or points associated with leaderboards? Gamification is the  application of game-design elements and game principles... Read more

When Famous Celebrities Gamble

Celebrities like to gamble! They have worked hard-earned their money, purchased private jets, luxury cars or yachts or invested in real estate and bought anything their heart desired. What else is left to spend their money on? Gambling! With so... Read more

Gamification in Business

Poor employee engagement, skills gap, low employee retention rates, lack of evidence in ROI, poor customer service and collaboration  are some of the problems related to a lack of employee motivation in your organization. Using Enterprise Gamification in you business... Read more

TradeStars Currency: Types of Tokens

Trade Star is best Trading Platform. TradeStars is a latest bitcoin earning gaming website, where you can earn bitcoin by playing games, there are lots of free game where you can earn real money. The cost of the game is... Read more

TradeStars – The Best Bitcoin Gaming Website

In other words, Tradestars is the latest bitcoin earning gaming website where you earn bitcoin by playing games. There are lots of free game where you can earn real money. This infographic give information about Sign up Bonus Guidelines i.e.... Read more

Gamification – Boost your Contact Center Performance

Lift your contact center agents commitment and execution utilizing Gamification. Industry reports tell us that agent engagement is a genuine issue. An issue with genuine costs related to it. The silver lining is that fixing this issue can increase your... Read more

Most Popular CS: GO Weapons and Skins

Dmarket has detected the most popular weapons and skins which are in the highest demand among CS:GO players. They checked out all of last year’s trades on the platform and identified real hot sellers. CS:GO ITEMS BY PURCHASES: Weapon Skins... Read more

Trade Star and Fantancy Trading Gaming

TradeStars is the leading Trade game development company in the USA. Fantasy trading game is coming soon. Via: Trade Stars Read more

5 Reasons To Play Fantasy Sports On LeagueAdda

Why LeagueAdda? Five Reasons to pit your wits on India’s biggest fantasy sports platform. Play Fantasy Sports  on LeagueAdda and Win Big Cash Prizes Now! Read more

Festive Offering on Today’s Christmas Slots

Christmas is coming on Jetbull with more paylines and coins. We created an infographic to visually show you the festive offerings on Today’s Christmas slots. You know that Santa uses this infographic to guide you the best online slots to... Read more

Best Casino Reriew Site in NEW ZEALAND

We present you online casino review site. For the first time in New Zealand on one site reviews of popular online casinos and news about the gaming world. Choose a casino to play only with us! We have all the... Read more

Mapped: Europe’s Leading Tech Companies

Apple, Google and Facebook are all leading the way as the world’s most successful tech titans, so it’s no surprise that America is at the forefront of people’s minds when they think of the technology industry. And while America has... Read more

Top 10 Best Mobile Poker Apps

After playing countless hours of playing poker on my phone – here are the top 10 mobile poker apps. All of these are free to play, with the option to buy extra credit. We looked at how popular the app... Read more

Funny Horoscope for Gamblers

Do you believe in horoscopes? Holy Moly introduce you funny horoscope for gamblers in 2018. Whether you are a Leo or Virgo, you’ll find here the necessary suggestions to grab your gambling luck in the coming year. Read more

Precio del Café – Invierta en Café | DailyForex

Los granos de café se comercializan en Futuros y en CFD´s El café es uno de los productos más interesantes para comerciar. También suele ser uno de los más volátiles. El café es un miembro del complejo blando y la... Read more

Инфографика для игроков в казино

Сегодня в сети можно обнаружить и сыграть в тысячи эмуляторов аппаратов. При этом взломать виртуальные слоты невозможно, обмануть тоже. Да и расходовать реальные деньги необязательно. Ведь практически все игровые слоты в любой клуб (рулетка и покер не стали исключением) поставляются... Read more

Рулетка онлайн – играйте бесплатно и без риска

Did you know that roulette was invented in France in the 17th century? Source: slotklub Read more

Игровые слоты в казино Вулкан онлайн

Сегодня в сети можно найти и сыграть в тысячи автоматов. При всем при этом взломать виртуальные слоты нельзя, обмануть тоже. Да и тратить реальные деньги необязательно. Ведь абсолютно все симуляторы игровых аппаратов в любой зал казино (рулетка и покер не... Read more

Casino Club Admiral Online

Сегодня в сети гэмблеры могут найти и сыграть в тысячи слот-машин. К тому же взломать виртуальные слоты нельзя, обмануть тоже. Да и расходовать деньги необязательно. Ведь все однорукие бандиты в любой зал игрового клуба (включая покер и рулетку) поставляются в... Read more

Вулкан игровые автоматы онлайн

Сегодня в сети игроки могут найти и сыграть в сотни эмуляторов слотов. При этом взломать оборудование нельзя, обмануть тоже. Да и тратить реальные деньги необязательно. Ведь практически все автоматы в любой клуб (включая покер и рулетку) поставляются в демо и... Read more

Правила покера и комбинации на одной странице в клубе Покердом

Игра в покер всегда считалась одной из самых сложных, но, тем не менее, интересных. Азарт, блеф и удача – вот что нужно вам, чтобы стать настоящим профи. Главное – досконально выучить правила и немедленно приступать к игре в покер руме... Read more

Правила покера и подсказки для игроков в Покердом

Pokerdom всегда рад принять в свои ряды самых разных игроков: как опытных профи, так и новичков, которые только начинают продираться сквозь замысловатые правила игры. А чтобы эта дорога не казалась такой сложной, покер рум Покердом решил проиллюстрировать азы игры. Здесь... Read more

Играй в покер вместе с Покердом

Во что поиграть в ПокерДом: виды игр, турниры, акцииТолько открывая для себя сайт PokerDom, вы отметите разнообразие представленных здесь видов покера. Среди них – Техасский Холдем, Омаха, Стад и всевозможные их варианты. Доступны как всевозможные виды лимитов, так и безлимитные... Read more

Покер онлайн – играть бесплатно на портале Pokerpapa

Активное развитие интернета привело к созданию виртуальных версий этого развлечения. Играть в покер онлайн можно с колодами на 32, 36 и 54 карты, возможно участие до десяти геймеров одновременно. Туз используется в качестве младшей карты для создания последовательности до пяти... Read more

Anatomy of a Pinball Machine: Pinball Parts and Terminologies to Know

Are you new to Pinball or want to know more about the game? A good way to start learning Pinball is to know about the parts of the machine. This will keep you from being dumbfounded in case you run... Read more

Poker Hands Ranking

Poker Hands
PokerBaazi is not just an online gaming portal where you play poker, but it also provides you all the information about ‘How to Play Poker‘, ‘Poker Tips and Strategies ‘ etc. Whether a player is a beginner or a pro,... Read more

Why of Semi-bluffing important in Poker

In any poker game, player will customarily use deception to win the game with two related, but profoundly different methods- bluffing and semi-bluffing. A semi-bluff is a situation when a player makes a bet with a weak hand, but has... Read more

eGames at the 2016 Rio Olympics

In 2016, the Rio Olympics will play host to the first ever eGames tournament. As part of a two-day popup event, the inaugural eGames international tournament will take place on Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th of August at British House,... Read more

PPL 3 After Party-Poker Tournament

After a huge success at the PPL, PokerBaazi launches PPL After Party for Baazigars from 15th-27th June. Earn points till 27th June & redeem your package to get double VIP rewards , Tournament tickets, exciting PokerBaazi goodies & a Hoverboard!... Read more

Top 25 Pinball Machines Ever Made

It’s undeniable that Pinball has indeed played a vital role in the classic gaming history. Who can forget the sound it makes whenever the ball hits an obstacle or the flashing lights whenever you score? Indeed pinball machines remain relevant... Read more

Poker Hands What Beats What Texas Holdem

Poker hands always 5 cards. There are several sets of categories in poker games such as royal flush, straight, two pair and so on. The players with high ranking cards is the winner, so try to understand these correct poker... Read more

Slot developers: What do we know about them?

What do we know about the history of slot machine development? Who are these people that create our favourite games? How many are there? Which are the best ones? An answer to this and many other questions you will find... Read more

Infographic How To Win More

Here is shown interesting infographic about improving your winning at online casinos in Canada. Even if you don’t play, it would be interesting for you. More here: Casinomonster Read more

Hottest Female Poker Players

In this infographic, we present the top 10 hottest female poker players. Liv Boeree Tatjana Pasalic Christina Lindley Jennifer Tilly Krisztina Polgar Maria Ho Kimberley Lansing Xuan Liu Sonja Kovac Lacey Jones Source: Casino Infographics Read more

DC Height Comparison Infographic

Check out this awesome height chart, made by the talented people over at Costume Collection. I had no idea Starfire was so tall! And Supergirl and Batgirl so short, but cute! Here’s a snippet from the article, see full post... Read more

Commando Games

Commando games are one of the best action addictive flash games that are really simple and your going to experience many different kinds of game modes, weapons, and etc. Source: commando-games Read more

Top 5 Online Slot Games For Summer Time

Summer heat is getting hotter, so how to stay on track and have some fun while playing? The most popular slot developers from all over the world suggest us marvelous games with main topic of summer holidays and exotic vacations!... Read more

Adding Extensive Fun to Games with Mascot Costumes!

Many events, usually sports, have mascots that are full of fun, energy and enthusiasm.  They get the crowd excited, which gets the team into the game. Read more

Fun and Wacky Races Infographic

Exercise is a blast for everyone when we find ways to make it unique. Check out our bucket list of the incredible and funny themed races. Get out there and see what you can do with a cup of hot... Read more

The History of Minecraft Infographic

The first Minecraft version evolution history is created by Rocky Bytes, the popular software directory has been the first one to generate this useful infographic where you can find easily the changes of each important version in Minecraft. Source: rockybytes Read more

Candy Crush Games Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Candy crush saga game developed by king one of the most addictive fun program. In this puzzle saga players need to crush candies by making matches of three or more. The games is enriched with numerous features in this post... Read more

Poker and Food Infographic

Don’t let poker snacks derail your healthy-living New Year’s resolutions – check out our guide to the food that will keep you on top of your game… Infographic by: sky POKER Read more

Popular Christmas Toys Evolution (Infographic)

This infographic presented toys evolved every years. Especially for Christmas when everybody buy new toys for their children. From 1900 until now we can see major toy manufacturing change the toys based on customer demands. Published by Holly Read more

The Most Expensive Video Games In History (Infographic)

2013 saw the arrival of GTA V, the single most expensive video game in the history of gaming, competing neck to neck with only the highest budget film till date, the Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Let’s see who else... Read more

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