Everything You Need To Know About Santa Claus

Santa Claus Read more

Top 5 Most Popular Christmas Trees

I showed the top 5 most popular Christmas Trees (based on- US Census Data From 2009) by an infographic. Here I discussed not only the Christmas trees but also I have gathered information where most producing states in the United... Read more

Festive Offering on Todayโ€™s Christmas Slots

Christmas is coming on Jetbull with more paylines and coins. We created an infographic to visually show you the festive offerings on Today’s Christmas slots. You know that Santa uses this infographic to guide you the best online slots to... Read more

Holiday Getaways in the Philippines: Best Places to Spend Christmas

You canโ€™t find a place that celebrates the most joyful Christmas as in the Philippines. As early as September, you can already feel the Christmas spirit everywhere. It commences the opening of night markets and funfairs, and when the streets... Read more

11 Clever Tips for Christmas Shopping in the Philippines

With only a few weeks left โ€˜til Christmas day, have you already ticked-off everything that is on your Holiday shopping list? Filipinos are among the people who celebrate Christmas early and along with that are the preparations and shopping that... Read more

Christmas Tree Fire Statistics

Very few people know that Christmas trees are the reason for about 200 fires in the US annually, leading to tragic deaths and loss of property. This infographic lists 9 shocking little known statistics about Christmas tree fires. It highlights... Read more

9 Surprising Looks Of Santa Claus

He had a white fluffy beard long before it became a must-have attribute for lumberjackers. His ho-ho-ho filler word makes everyone smile. Nevertheless, he is slightly overweight, women keep saying โ€œHe is pleasantly plump!โ€ Who do you think it could... Read more

How Many Ubers Would Santa Need?

Santa has an unbelievable task on Christmas Eve. Neither the post office, UPS nor FedEx are capable of such a feat. Magic is the only way Santa is able to deliver all those toys to the children of the world.... Read more

What If Santa Went Virtual?

Santa Claus has been around as long as we can remember, and yet his magical annual toy operation has not yet been modernized. In total, 526 million kids in the world send letters to Santa each year, and on Christmas... Read more

Christmas Money Saving Tips for Students

It is Christmas. It is easy to get caught up in the Christmas party season and overlook your budget. Most of us forget about money and go for a bit of fun. We have a lot of spendings this time.... Read more

How Christmas is Celebrated Around the Globe? (Infographic)

Wherever we may go, whatever we may believe (or not believe) in, whoever we are, we will still find a way to celebrate this world-wide holiday. We may do it traditionally or follow our hearts but whatโ€™s important is on... Read more

Celebrity Christmas Gifts and Horoscopes

It almost Christmas again, so we take a look at some of the most lavish presents exchanged between celebrity couple and friends. From David Beckham spoiling his wife Victoria with a Himalayan Birkin bag worth $129,000 to Courtney Cox buying... Read more

Build A Life-size Hansel and Gretel Gingerbread House (Infographic)

Does owning your own home seem like a distant dream? Have you got the focus and determination to build your own property? Do you like gingerbread, frosting and sweets? If you answered yes to all these questions then why not... Read more

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