What is Influencer Fraud and Why Should You Care?

With the increase of popularity of social media, influencer marketing has also gained popularity. In the race of earning more money some influencer go on to perform fraud activities like “buying followers” which is considered a really unethical activity considering... Read more

Social Media Superstars

Here I have a superb infographic from the folks at S9 in the UK that features lots of information about the most powerful social media users for you to check out. Learn about the top social media channels on Facebook,... Read more

Top 8 Social Media Sites for Florists

We narrow it down to the top 8 social media sites for florists and explain the Ins and Outs of their operations and why they are crucial and matter in the floral industry. Check out our infographic for quick and easy... Read more

Types of Web Services

A little about what we do. Danny Barker Web Design (DBWD) is a website design company in Bedfordshire that takes pride in its reputation for producing great websites, we can also promote your business online through search engine optimisation (SEO)... Read more

Why Join SharersNetwork?

We wanted to show potential users why SharersNetwork could play a big part in extending their social media reach but in such a way that they could interact with it. And a flowchart seemed the perfect way to do that.... Read more

Integrate Your Email Campaigns and Your Social Media Presence

You already use email marketing to reach the people who want to hear from you. Your company is also already visible on multiple social media platforms – right? – so your fans can engage with you in whichever way they choose.... Read more

Top 20 Twitter Users in 2014

Top 20 Twitter users in 2014 with some cool additional info! Here’s an awesome infographic to check out – Source: twidiumapp Read more

How To Get Your First 500 Twitter Followers? (Infographic)

Here are 7 steps to build your first 500 Twitter followers. Have you just started out on Twitter? Or have you been using it for a while and your account just has not grown as you would have liked? Reaching... Read more

15 Twitter Facts and Figures You Need to Know for 2014 (Infographic)

The social media network that was never meant to be a social network, Twitter, celebrated its eighth birthday in March, 2014. The now microblogging giant has come a long way since co-founder Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, “just setting up my... Read more

How To Create The Perfect Pinterest, Google+, Facebook & Twitter Posts

Pinterest, Google+, Facebook & Twitter Optimum timing for social posts Designed by Mycleveragency Source: Mycleveragency Read more

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