Car Top Tents: Pros and Cons

Car Top Tents: Pros and Cons

  • Camping is everyone’s favorite, and car-top tents are a neat and latest trend for campers. You can call it a car-top tent, rooftop tent (roof top tent for traveller) or a pop-up tent- but it doesn’t make a difference. These kinds of tents are familiar in some places, and they found it more pretty and novel. But with the fast demand, people started to notice advantages as well as disadvantages of this set-up. So let’s find it out.

PROS Safety

  • Wildlife camping can be threatening, but you can freely sleep in a high roof safe and secured with this kind of tent. Bears, snakes, or even crocodiles could not access your place.


Car-top tents are 3-4 season tents designed to form a coated canvas made to withstand harmful elements. This material is proven waterproof and also mold-resistant.

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– Car-top tents have doors for ventilation and mesh windows. It also comes with a high-density foam mattress for your relaxing night sleepover. Some tents have a comprehensive sky view in the roof for stargazing and an extra light within the day.


– Camping with your friends and you need to be on time for your things to do, this kind of tent will be more straightforward for you to set up and tear down. You will save time and enjoy yourself more.

Camp Anywhere

With this type of tent, you’ll not encounter rocky and other unfavorable ground like the ground tent’s experience. With a car-top tent, you have to think about where to park and viola.

View All Things

Car top tents will enable you to enjoy the surroundings, unlike the ground tents. Whether your view is a river, mountain, ocean, or forest, you will love the picture high up.

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More Space inside your Vehicle

When the tent is arranged on top, you’ll have more room inside your family and for your camping essentials.

CONS Price

– Price is the biggest scare-off for many campers. Though it is cheaper than the other tent alternatives, the car top tent itself can cost you a thousand dollars up to four thousand dollars. Other features are still excluded. 


– In this situation, you’ll be able to camp where you can freely drive. You cannot take your ten off your vehicle. For some, they find this problem as stressful and bulky work.

Nighttime Bathroom Trips

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Unlike the ground tents, this kind will make you dizzier, especially if you’re a night bathroom person.

Mounting the Tent

 Remounting and removing the tent can be painful and disgusting. If you camp on a regular basisregulars, you might want to leave the tent intact to your vehicle.

Gas Mileage

Rooftop tents harm your vehicle’s gas mileage. You need to figure out the wind resistance of your tent to lessen the effects.

Not for Small Children and Puppies

–  The tent’s high mounting position can be difficult for your children and fur babies.  Using a ladder is somehow risky for your child.

Clearance Height

If your tent is too high, you’ll have parking problems with your garage. So make sure that you know the exact measurements before parking in.

Car Top Tents: Pros and Cons


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Alice Carroll
2 years ago

I like that you mentioned that with the use of vehicle rooftop tents, I will be able to be more flexible on where I could set up a campsite. I’m interested in being more active in my hobby of nature photography and stargazing so I’d like to be able to camp more often from now on. As such, I will need the right equipment for that.

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