How Google Came To Be – A Timeline

Here is an interesting infographic from the guys at the London based web design company called VizionOnline that provides facts about Google along with a timeline which shows important milestones for the tech company. The timeline begins in 1995 when... Read more

Types of Web Services

A little about what we do. Danny Barker Web Design (DBWD) is a website design company in Bedfordshire that takes pride in its reputation for producing great websites, we can also promote your business online through search engine optimisation (SEO)... Read more

Correct Anchor Text Distribution to Dominate Google – Fruitbowl Digital

In the SEO sphere, there are seo executives and then there are the “SEO Experts”. The seo executives know how to create backlinks, whereas the experts know how to build back links the correct and effective way to dominate Google.... Read more

7 Advanced Google Shopping Strategies

Google Shopping Ads, or as they were formally known, Product Listing Ads are part of Googles paid shopping ads program. In this incredibly detailed guide to Google Shopping ads we will be revealing some of the most effective strategies that... Read more

Content Marketing and SEO: The Timeline of Key Events

By being able to skip commercials on TV with our DVR’s, block ads with our adblocker tools and generally choose to look at a banner or not, we are closing the door to classic marketing. In doing so we have created a... Read more

How Hard It Takes To Land a Job At Google? (Infographic)

Wants to work at Google? Google is never shy in spending way beyond the norm to attract and retain the most talented people they can find. Not to mention, Google employees are already enjoying some of the highest average salaries... Read more

How People Look In Google And How To Look Better

Breakdown of a person’s Google results. Want to rank better in Google? If you’re an individual, you could build your own site and hope it does well. But you might have more success by creating a page for yourself on... Read more

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