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20 Desk Exercises to Stay Fit & Healthy

Sitting all day at the office and lack of active lifestyle is the number one cause of obesity and low cardio endurance. Worse, it could lead to heart failure and diabetes. Working adults like call center agents who spend at least 8 long hours a day at the office are the number one victim of this kind of lifestyle. To avoid the resulting health problems, one important thing to do is to exercise regularly and commit to a balanced diet.

Good to know, you can do your workout routine at the office, even during your working time. This infographic will help you ditch the old idea that you can only stay healthy if you can spare few hours a day at the gym. At the office, using your desk and chair, you can do a number of exercises that can tone your muscle, release muscle tension and improve your posture. This infographic from IBEX Global PH shows you 20 office exercises to choose from so you can stay fit and fab while working.

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Note: The risk of injury and accident in performing these exercises is low, but it’s still important to be cautious in doing the routines. Use a sturdy chair and desk to ensure safety. Lock the wheel of your chair to prevent unexpected movement. Lastly, wear appropriate clothing.

20 Desk Exercises to Stay Fit & Healthy


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