It’s very likely that you’ve already forgotten about many of your new year’s resolutions and wishes. But this doesn’t concern us!

At the beginning of this year we conducted a really meticulous survey – we asked 42 agencies around the world about their daily struggles and 2015 resolutions and we got really exciting responses!

We decided to acknowledge the everyday work of people we find absurdly imaginative and devoted – all of the agency eager beavers, e.g. Creative and Art Directors, Producers, Account Managers and CEOs. We engaged in fabulous total 480 min. of pure talk-time chit-chatting with 46 professionals from 32 cities in the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy and Australia and asked about behind the scenes of their work.

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What we’ve learned is that they are busy, indeed. But also that, regardless of geography, economy and the size of their agency, they have in common much more than only PM and everyday creative brain drain. They share dreams and hopes for the future and, guess what, it’s not about money or fame (at least in most cases).

If you want to see more details – check out our infographic!
2015 Wishes of Ad Agencies