3 Types of Vacuum Pumps and Their Applications

Before vacuum pumps were considered a valuable tool in many industries, these equipment used to be synonymous with excessive oil waste, earsplitting machine, and high operating costs.

Fortunately, along with the development of other air movement technologies, the tool used to seal a vacuum inside a container has also received a complete makeover in terms of performance, cost-efficiency and quiet operation.

Today, there’s hardly any industry that doesn’t benefit from these improvements. From the automotive, manufacturing, to pharmaceutical industries and a lot more, vacuum pumps have been proven to significantly improve business operations, while reducing operational costs at the same time.

If you’re looking to employ the use of vacuum pumps, you need to know that while this tool basically has a common function, it is actually categorized into various types, functions, requirements, and applications.

In this infographic, Compresstech Resources, Inc., a leading distributor of dooVAC vacuum pumps and other compressor solutions, discussed three common types of vacuum pumps according to their techniques.

3 Types of Vacuum Pumps and Their Applications

Infographic source: compresstech

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