No matter what industry you’re in, your assembly line most likely features a conveyor system, whether it’s fitted with a rubber belt or a magnetic surface. This means that you’ll probably have to buy a conveyor system for your manufacturing facility in the Philippines at some point. You may have some questions about conveyors on your mind, especially if you’ve never had to buy this kind of system before. For example, what benefits can a new conveyor system bring to your facility? Will it be worth the upfront cost? Should you opt for a custom solution or a turnkey system for your business applications? When do you choose whether to replace or to repair a conveyor belt? And how can you deal with repairs without losing too much time or other resources?

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Fortunately, all of these are common questions which countless business owners in the Philippines have asked before. It also helps that there are now industry experts such as Elixir, which has several years of experience with conveyor systems under its belt.

To cater to your queries while giving you a handy overview of conveyor systems, here are 10 frequently asked questions about conveyor systems answered. Keep an eye out for maintenance tips from the industry experts while reading this infographic!

All You Need to Know About Conveyor Systems: 10 Common Questions from Business Owners Answered!