New York is a style hub, leading the way for multiple fashion and beauty trends all over the world. We investigated salon clients in and around NYC to see how their beauty habits developed and discovered some interesting results. Particularly, 50% of women aged between 25 and 34 wanted to book their salon visit appointments via an online medium and almost 70% of women surveyed try to spend less than $60 per visit, with around 7% of women visiting a salon at least once a month.

The survey asks many questions on their salon visiting habits, but also some questions about their other preferences, do they go to multiple salons, or have a favorite? Do they like their stylist to engage in conversation during their treatments? And, when it comes to men, what type of beard is best? Results for this last question may be quite surprising.

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The Beauty Habits of New Yorkers

Infographic by New York Salon Habits