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What is ATOL? Why is it necessary? What guarantee does it give the customer? How can you become an ATOL expert? Just scroll through the infographic and you can find the answers yourself. The self-explanatory infographic gives you all what you need to be an ATOL mastermind.

ATOL certificate is a document that provides financial protection for a customer’s holiday. It is a proof stating the holiday is protected by ATOL scheme and gives information on what is protected, who is covered and who is providing the protection. This is definitely a vital document the customer should take while on a holiday. Furthermore, the customer does not have to pay anything for Atol protection separately, the agent themselves pay a levy of £2.50 on each sale ensuring all clients are financially protected. This infographic will enable both customers and travel agents in London to broaden their knowledge on ATOL.

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One instance where ATOL certificate is worth would be: due to unforeseen circumstances, when there is an airline or hotel group failure, the travel agent with its own ATOL/ATOL via an accredited body would make alternative arrangements for the customer or provide a refund, thus ensuring the clients are financially protected. Furthermore, the ATOL does not serve as travel insurance. It is highly advisable to have travel insurance for a holiday as it would cover medical bills and loss of possessions. These will not be covered under ATOL as it is solely a financial protection for holiday bookings – such as for flights and hotels.

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The infographic also provides what needs to be done when the customer loses the ATOL certificate. The customer should simply contact his or her agent and the agent could either give a replacement certificate in person or it could also be sent by e-mail. However, it is the customers’ responsibility to keep the certificate safe. In addition, ATOL flight plus would cover only flight arrangements that begin in the UK. Customers’ travelling from different countries such as the United States whose final destination is London will not be unfortunately covered under Flight Plus.

There is much more to learn about ATOL and its benefits – simply read through the infographic and be an ATOL mastermind yourself.