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Dental Implants vs Dentures: The Key Differences You Need To Know

If you have a missing tooth or teeth, it might be best to see and consult your local dentist. Whether the loss of your teeth is due to decay, gum disease, or even accident, your dentist would be able to recommend a solution fit for your situation.

Two of the most popular dental treatments your dentist can suggest are dental implants and dentures. Both can replace your missing tooth or teeth, giving you a complete and beautiful smile. However, they are different when it comes to the procedure, appearance, and the costs involved.

For instance, dental implants are a permanent solution for teeth loss while dentures are removable prosthetic devices. In addition, dental implants require surgery while dentures are minimally-invasive.Curious to learn more about these two restoration options? Philippine Dental Implants, a reputable dental clinic in Quezon City, presents this infographic that outlines the differences between dental implants and dentures.

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Dental Implants vs Dentures:  The Key Differences You Need To Know


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