Have you ever dreamed of travelling the globe, but don’t want to leave your career behind? The digital world has allowed for people to continue working and become location-independent. People opting for this lifestyle now have a name – digital nomads.

Nomad travel allows us to experience new cultures, meet new people, learn new things, and it can even look good on our resumes. For a lot of us it’s the dollars in the bank which don’t add up, and so prevent us from packing our bags and jumping on the next flight. But what if you could earn a living with a job in which you can work from anywhere?

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Sounds crazy? It may be easier than you think.

Could you do a location-independent job?

Digital nomads tend to fall into a few categories. They may be entrepreneurs running their own business online, whether that be selling a service, running a website or managing an app. They could be a remote worker, working for one employer but able to work from anywhere equipped with a laptop and some Wi-Fi.

Or perhaps the most popular venture, they may be freelancers, specialising in a certain field and taking on various assignments from clients. Almost a third of the Australian workforce freelanced last year, and with growing numbers of jobs posted around the world this figure is set to continue growing.

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So what’s your area of specialty? Could you fit into any of these categories?

How to become a digital nomad

All you really need is a laptop, an internet connection, a passion for travel and a whole lot of motivation. If you want to make yourself more credible or knowledgeable in a particular area, you may want to look at upskilling with an online course to get you started. Whether you want to clue up on becoming a travel blogger, a virtual assistant or a graphic designer, there will be something to suit your needs.

Fuel your wanderlust and start ticking off those obscure locations you’ve always dreamed of travelling to.

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Need some more inspiration? Take a look at all the statistics and information on the trend in our infographic below. If you’re thinking of taking this leap or you’re already living this lifestyle, let us know in the comments!