It’s downright exciting to know that there is a package waiting to be delivered at your doorstep. However, this excitement can easily be turned into a disappointment if its packaging is deformed and its contents are in less than perfect condition.

What seemed to be the problem? In most cases, it was due to the damages it has been inflicted with during transit but sometimes, a poor packaging can also be the culprit.  If you’re managing your own business, you surely don’t want your customers to experience this and to save them from this dilemma, you need to make sure that your packaging is durable enough to protect its content.

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To help you get started, Green Courier, a leading eco-friendly courier service in the UK, presents this infographic with some hacks on how you can smartly pack your shipments. These will guarantee to keep the excitement of your customers once they hear the doorbell ring.  

  • Throughout the years, online shopping is continually growing in popularity. This growth is credited to people who find convenience in shopping and bargaining online right at the comfort of their homes or office.  But, this rate also comes with the growing demand for faster deliveries which a courier service can meet well. However, it’s only one factor that makes it efficient.
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Aside from cost-effective and reliable services, it’s also important to ensure that packages are delivered in good condition. To guarantee this, you need not only rely on a courier company alone even if it means spending on and experimenting with the packaging yourself.

Good thing, you don’t actually have to exert too much effort in this task when you know what shortcuts to take. To help you with, Green Courier, a leading eco-friendly courier service in the UK presents this infographic that lists some hacks that will simplify things for you.